Darin Davis | CEO and Founder

Darin Davis is our Chief Executive Officer and Founder of MojiLife. He has developed our flagship product, the AirMoji, into what we now know as a revolutionary line of safe, simple and smart products. Darin oversees all operations, strategies, and product development. He leads and directs MojiLife purposefully and wholeheartedly towards our mission to “Enjoy Every Moment,” creating and fulfilling our vision for success.

Kim Davis

MojiCares Foundation Chair

Kim Davis is the heart and soul behind our MojiCares Foundation. The purpose and mission of this foundation is to serve people and communities, accompanying a philosophy of doing our part to make the world a better place. The primary focus of MojiCares has been creating and distributing hygiene kits for elementary age school children. Kim is an integral part of this program and is committed to the cause!

Jeff Wasden

Chief Marketing Officer

Jeff Wasden brings over 30 year of experience to MojiLife and has worked in marketing and management for DDB Advertising, Heinz USA, The Coca-Cola Company, Morinda, Melaleuca, Xyngular and Blendtec. His professional experience is valuable in MojiLife’s growth as we continue to expand across the globe. Jeff keeps us on track with his creativity and direction for the future of the company.

Mark Gray

VP of Supply Chain

Mark Gray brings over 25 years of US and International operational experience to MojiLife. He is driven and passionate for improvements in supply chain management and new product development. With his experience he carries an extensive knowledge of domestic and international product management and customer satisfaction. He brings a diverse skill set and focus in all aspects of supply operations.

Koleton Neilson

Director of Product Management

Koleton Neilson works with the MojiLife team to develop, research and release all MojiLife products to our valued Distributors and Customers. He is responsible for product planning; overseeing the development and testing of new fragrances, devices and products to match our high standards of quality.

Heather Morzelewski

Director of Marketing Communications

Heather Morzelewski is responsible for communicating important information about our products, specials, and training through various platforms. She is also instrumental in Moji University training presentations and content creation. In addition, Heather carries out responsibilities related to the media and promotional opportunities for PR concerning MojiLife.

Mikelle Smith

Recognition and Events Coordinator

Mikelle Smith is responsible for all of our executive events and annual conventions, as well as our Life-Getaway incentive trips. She ensures that our Distributors are recognized through rank and recruiting recognition and oversees corporate incentive programs. Mikelle carries a positive attitude and friendly face to MojiLife Corporate and Distributors alike.