The contents of your AirMoji package include an AirMoji device, wall charger, micro-USB charging cord, and travel case.

Your device comes partially charged so you can use it immediately. To fully charge your device, use the included charging cord. Please allow 4-6 hours for a full charge. Always use the included wall charger to charge your AirMoji. Your device can be used as a portable unit once charged, or it can be used while plugged in.

When you first plug in your AirMoji to charge, the power button will blink 3 times and stop, indicating the device is charging. A constant blinking light indicates the battery is low and needs to be charged.

1. Once you've selected a pod, peel off and discard the top and bottom foil seals.

2. Twist and remove cap from the AirMoji.

3. Insert pod (plastic cup with wood core) into the AirMoji.

4. Replace the cap. Twist cap to lock into place to ensure it is securely on the device.

To turn on the AirMoji, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds. The power button will light up in blue. Your device is now in MANUAL mode. Instructions for operating in manual mode can be found below.

With your device in manual mode, press the power button again to enter APP mode. The light will then change from blue to white. Instructions for using the app to control the device can be found below.

To turn off the AirMoji, press and hold power button for 3 seconds. The power button light will turn off.

Once the AirMoji is powered on and in manual mode, you can control the LED light band, fan interval, and fan speed settings using the toggle switches located on the bottom of the device.

  1. To operate the LED light band, toggle the switch to the left to turn off and to the right to turn on. The LED light band can also be controlled and customized in the app.
  2. Two fan intervals are available. Toggle the switch to the left to operate repeatedly for 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off, or toggle to the right to have the device stay on continuously.
  3. There are two fan speeds available. Toggle the switch to left for low speed and to the right for high speed.


Go to the App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android) on your phone. AirMoji AppAirMoji App
Search for “MojiLife AirMoji II” and select the app.
Tap “Get/Install” app.
The app will download and you will be able to open it from the icon on your phone.

IMPORTANT: Make sure your device is turned on and in APP mode before proceeding. (Press the power button once to turn on and then a second time to enter APP mode. The power button light on the device will be white.) Also, make sure your phone has Bluetooth enabled (see your phone settings).

Launch the MojiLife AirMoji app and click the “Add Device” button.

Under Available Devices, select the AirMoji you wish to program. Note: While other devices may be visible to the app (e.g., an M3 device), only the AirMoji is compatible with the app.

The power button on your device will blink while it is pairing with your phone.

Once your AirMoji has paired with your phone, name your device (i.e., Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, etc.) and select the color. Click the blue “Add Device” button to complete this step.

Congratulations! Your device is now ready to customize. Note: You may add multiple devices to the app, though only one device can be actively programmed at a time. Also, you must be within approximately 20 feet of your device to ensure a strong connection. If you receive a"time out" or "Bluetooth is disconnected" message, please move closer to the device and try connecting again. Once your device is connected and personal settings saved, it will retain your programming regardless of your proximity to the device.

Under Available Devices, select the AirMoji you wish to program. Note: While other devices may be visible to the app (such as an M3), only the AirMoji is compatible with this app.

This is the main customization screen. Arrows and toggles indicate adjustable settings. Rows that are grayed out are for informational purposes only.

To personalize the schedule, click on the arrow to the right of “Schedules.

Your AirMoji comes programmed with a popular schedule (daily from 8:00am to 9:00pm, 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off, high fan speed).

From here, you can edit the schedule or add additional schedules to meet your individual needs. Once completed, click the green check mark in the upper right corner to save your settings.

To delete a schedule, simply long-press on the schedule, select it and press Delete.

On the main navigation screen, toggle the LED light switch to turn the LED light band on and off.

Click on the arrow to the right of “LED” to set the color options for the LED light band.

There are several options color options available for your LED light band:

  • Select a custom color using the color wheel (simply drag your finger across the color wheel and make your selection)
  • You can enter a HEX code for a specific color (for example #6EC4E9 is Moji Blue)
  • Choose from the "Mood" drop-down for chromotherapy color presets

The "Night Mode" option can be customized with a start and end time. You can also turn off the LED light band during your "Night Mode" scheduled time by selecting the black color in the center of the "Night Mode" color wheel.

Once completed, click the green check mark on the upper right corner to save your color settings.

The blue "MojiMax" button (at the bottom of your screen) allows you to run your device on high fan speed for two hours without the need to change your saved programming. When complete, the device will return to your normal programming and schedule.

To forget a device and delete it from your app, simply press on the three dots at the top right of the device icon. Select "OK" on the pop up and the device will be removed from your connection history.

For additional technical support, please contact MojiLife at


MojiLife warrants to the original purchaser that the product(s) purchased will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, for ONE YEAR from the date of purchase. This Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty covers any defects in workmanship or materials under normal use during the warranty period. Returned product(s) must be accompanied by proof of purchase. Acceptable proof of purchase would be the receipt from the purchase or a copy of a paid invoice or order number. All returns must also include a Return Merchandise Authorization form which can be obtained from MojiLife Corporate Office by emailing to


The warranty does not apply in the event of misuse or abuse of product(s) or as a result of unauthorized alterations or repairs. The warranty is void if the product(s) is disassembled or altered in any way or used in a manner contrary to instructions as outlined in the user manual.


The AirMoji is an electronic device and is not to be operated in or around water. Do not block the airflow at the base of the AirMoji device (e.g., setting it in carpet). Any damage to a device caused by water or blocked airflow will cause the warranty to be null and void.