1. Choose a fragrance or essential oil pod and remove top and bottom foil seals.

2. Remove vent clip holder from the CarMoji.

3. Remove cap.

4. Insert opened pod into slotted bottom of the CarMoji. Press down on the pod until it snaps into place.

5. Replace cap.

6. Replace the vent clip holder.

1. The key to the CarMoji is PLACEMENT and taking advantage of NATURAL AIRFLOW.

2. The CarMoji is perfect to use in your car attached to the air vent. With the vent clip holder attached to the CarMoji, slide the vent clip into the slot on the bottom.

3. The vent clip should slide firmly into the slot.

4. Attach the CarMoji to an air vent in your car. As the air flows through the vent, the fragrance will be dispersed throughout your car.

1. Remove the vent clip holder from the CarMoji before using the visor clip.

2. Attach the visor clip by inserting the clip over the rectangle notch on the bottom of the device. Then snap the visor clip securely over the top of the device.

3. Clip the CarMoji to the sun visor of your vehicle.

1. If you use the CarMoji in other small spaces, such as a closet or on your office desk, we suggest laying it on its side as doors opening and closing creates a natural airflow through the device.

2. To prevent it from rolling, lay the CarMoji down where the stabilizer is located. Use without the vent clip holder or the visor clip.

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