experience the power of fragrance

Whether we know it or not, fragrance has a wide-ranging impact on our experiences and daily lives. It taps into our senses, enlightens the mind and body, imprints memories on the mind, and triggers wonderful emotions. It becomes more than a fragrance. It becomes a part of you. Explore the depth of your memories. Rekindle the joy, and live it whenever you choose. You deserve it.


No flame, no heat, no wax, and non-toxic. MojiLife is dedicated to a product line that is kid safe, pet-friendly, and environmentally conscientious. From the devices themselves, which are carefully designed with a focus on safety, to our naturally based fragrance formulas, MojiLife wants to turn your surroundings into an aroma oasis and do so safely.


The MojiPod is the "power of diversity" founded on simplicity. One pod powers all of the devices in AirMoji lineup. Luxurious fragrances and pure essential oils are literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. Simply peel off the label, insert the pod with the pre-saturated wood fiber core, and "Enjoy Every Moment". MojiLife offers fragrance without frustration. No difficult delivery, messy and timely changeover, or potential for liquid spills or "waxidents".


The future of fragrance has arrived. Yes, MojiLife has an app for that! Your fragrance on demand is here with MojiLife! Set a timer to give you ultimate, customized control. Optimize your fragrance efficiency with the AirMoji and M3 from MojiLife, schedule when and where you need. Increase longevity, enhance your surroundings, and experience the fragrance like never before.