Seasonal Fragrance+


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Product Description

Savor the trendiest scents of every season with this subscription including 3 perfect pods delivered each month. Fragrances are limited-time-only and update 5 times per year: Spring, Summer, Fall, Holiday, and Winter. Join anytime to jump into the current season and enjoy weeks of seasonal scenting!

No limit on Seasonal Fragrance+ per subscriber. Fragrances last approximately 100 hours and vary in intensity; switch your pod weekly for best results. Fragrances change every 2-3 months. Price is 15% off retail and qualifies for FREE shipping when 1 other Fragrance Pod is included in subscription--try the Pod of the Month and save more!

I’ll Be Home

A fragrance as sweet as coming home, this fragrance blends warm vanilla bean with maple sugar and just a touch of cinnamon spice.

Snowy Evergreen

Fresh aromatic pine and rich tree sap blended with heartwarming cedar and cozy sandalwood.

Winter Wassail

A memorable holiday blend of deliciously crisp, tart apple slices blended with freshly ground cinnamon