AirMoji - White (currently accepting backorders- this item may be shipped separately)

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In today’s hectic and stressful world, the AirMoji provides a solution to help you breathe easier. We offer the latest in innovative technology and design – providing custom fragrances with subtle sophistication. AirMoji is the next step in fragrance infusion.

Our wood fiber cores are saturated with custom fragrances designed for you and imported from Europe. Both our fragrance pods and essential oil pods allow you to place the fragrance of your choice inside your AirMoji without ever touching the high-quality oils. You can easily switch fragrances with no mess. Our leading edge technology then disperses the fragrance of your choice throughout your home.

Our rechargeable AirMoji has a battery that lasts for over 50+ hours. Place the device anywhere in your home and control it using your smart phone. Once the AirMoji has been programmed, you can relax while it refreshes and invigorates your home.

*Each device comes complete with a charging cord and plug.

Type: AirMoji - White (currently accepting backorders- this item may be shipped separately)

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